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Tak’s first international (outside Japan) training started in 1990 on “Successful Negotiation With Japanese” for Asian managers dealing with Japanese, followed by Asia region-wide successful “The Management Mind” for local managers from Japanese subsidiaries in Asia Pacific. Since then, Tak has been invited to speak at management institutions, HR congresses, universities, government bodies and private companies across Asia Pacific.

Seminar TitleLocationOrganizers
Immersion Program: Real Pre-Departure Management Training  TokyoAON Hewitt Japan
Winning the Heart of Asian Employees  TokyoJapan Productivity Cener
Working Across Cultures  Phnom PenhThe Capacity Specialists
Key to Success for Business in Asia! Asian Style Management and Communication Training  TokyoThe Japan Times Academy
Rules of Work at Japanese Companie  SingaporeTempstaff Singapore
Crosscultural Management Seminar  SingaporeTempstaff Singapore
Conducting Performance Appraisal Meeting in English  SingaporeJapanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Japanese Business Leaders Development Program for ASEAN TokyoNikkei Business School
Leadership Strategy for Creating Synergy with ASEAN Nationals   TokyoGlobal Management Laboratory
Excelling in Japanese Corporate Culture

Session topics:

  1. Spiritual Ethos of Japanese Business Culture
  2. Japanese Business Practices
  3. Video Case Study
  4. Role Play
  5. Strategies & Advice
TokyoHitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy
ありのままの英語力で何とかビジネスする技術  TokyoKojimachi Academia
アセアンで成功する人材・組織開発実践講座  TokyoJEMCO Inc.
グローバル・ビジネスの成功の鍵を握るマネジメントに必要なこと  TokyoShake Inc.
Winning Together 著者来星記念セミナー  SingaporeBeyond Global
Understanding the True Heart of Japanese Managers

Organized by JCCI for Singaporean staff of Japanese companies. Full-house.

アジア新興国:現地人材と日本人の育成の盲点と対応法 (テーマを変えて年3回開催)  TokyoJEMCO Inc.
経済産業省国際化促進インターンシップ事業  Six Cities of JapanPasonaU
Building KIZUNA Bond with Japanese Customers and Expatriates  Ho Chi Minh CityVJCC-HCMC
Success Japan Seminar  TokyoDiversity Management Institute
外国籍社員を3年で辞めさせない職場の作り方  TokyoDiversity Management Institute

Success Japan Seminars

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