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  1. Features of Kawatani Seminars
  2. Training Areas
  3. Japan Programs
  4. International Programs

Features of Kawatani Seminars

  • 1. Keeping Content Fresh Every Time

    Frequent international assignments and Face-to-Face interviews.

  • 2. Overwhelming Liveliness and Practicality

    Video interviews of local people in target cultures and real case studies of expatriates.

  • 3. Linkage Initiatives of Trainings in Japan and International Sites

    Feedback training knowledge at global sites to domestic trainings in Japan including crosscultural PDT (pre-departure training).

The more programs are conducted overseas, the more accumulated and organized global training knowledge gets in Japan headquarters.

Training Areas

Takashi Kawatani is available at any location of the world as long as he is needed by Japan-related organizations and individuals - Asia Pacific, Americas, EMEA, Russia. Tak is an author of English books and an English/Japanese bilingual.

Japan Programs

Feel Global Business by Overwhelming Liveliness and Practicality

1. Crosscultural Management Programs
Pre-departure training for global locations

2. ASEAN Crosscultural Management Programs
ASEAN expatriates candidates/ASEAN business staff

3. Thailand/Vietnam/Indonesia/Malaysia Crosscultural Programs
Expatriate candidates/business staff in charge of these countries

4. Working Together
Crosscultural orientation for non-Japanese employees and Japanese working together

5. Global Manager Program
Japan program for international managers from global sites

International Programs

Solving business issues by utmost practical interventions

Three Major Advantages of Local Overseas Programs: 1. 360 multicultural leadership competencies assessment, 2. real multicultural business conflict cases written by participants (pre-work), 3. invitation of local senior managers to provide business content-based feedback

1. Global Leadership
For expatriates from Japan

2. Managing Together
For Japanese and local staff/managers combined

3. Management Skills
For local staff/managers

5. How to Conduct Job Interviews and Performance Appraisals Meetings
For Japanese/local managers

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