Diversity Management Institute

Talks and Media

TV/Radio Appearance

  • Internet TV program “Japan Spirit” goes on air bi-monthly on YouTube (Japan Spirit) hosted by Takashi Kawatani.

  • Communication Satellite: HR development in Asia, Pre departure Management Training.
  • FM96.3(Singapore)host for 4 years:Crosscultural Seminars for Businessmen
  • RTM News(Malaysia):Memorial Address of the Establishment of Malaysian Society of Training and Development (MASD)
  • Malaysia TV3・Face To Face:The Japanese Art of War – Miyamoto Musashi
  • TV Asashi Six O’clock News:Summer Holidays Overseas~Beetle Programs
  • Radio Nikkei・Asia Watch:Crosscultural Management in Asia
  • TV Tokyo: variety show:gyakumuki ressha

Talks (Selected)

  • マレーシア戦略国際問題研究所・日本研究センター:Japanese Management
  • マレーシア経営協会:Doing Business with Japanese、The Global Manager
  • シンガポール経営協会:Doing Business with Japanese、Negotiating with Japanese
  • シンガポール製造業者協会:Doing Business with Japanese
  • マレーシア銀行協会:Japanese Style Management
  • マレーシア人事院:Working In Japan(ルックイースト政策にて日本留学中のマレー人学生向け)
  • 日経赴任者フォーラム(クアラルンプール):業務関係から信頼関係へのコミュニケーション戦略
  • マレーシア日本人商工会議所:部下は上司の鏡、ローカルスタッフをやる気にさせるコツ、マレーシアにおける異文化マネジメントとリ―ダーシップ
  • Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur):Impact of Look East Policy on Human Resource and Technological Transfer
  • HRD Congress Asia:Dialogic Leadership Competence Needed in MNCs in Asia
  • Sun Tzu's Strategic Management Leadership Conference (Kuala Lumpur):Bushido Way of Warrior Thinking for Total Quality Management、Strategies and Subtleties of Crosscultural Negotiating
  • Asian Institute of Management & Keio Business School Joint Seminar (Kuala Lumpur):Partnering With The Japanese
  • Malaysian Society of Training and Development (Inauguration Memorial Speech):Communicating Across Cultures
  • The Japan Foundation (Malaysia):Meaning is in Crisis! – Are You Communicating the ‘Meaning’?
  • Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR Japan):12 Years of Management Training in Japanese Subsidiaries in Asia, Dialogic Leadership Process: Global Comparison Asia, China, US, & Europe, Intercultural Management Training – Knowing with the Body and the Senses
  • Specialist Management Resources (Kuala Lumpur)
  • ブレーン・ダイナミックス(洋上大学)シンガポール寄港時の講演会
  • Joint Lecture by Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Overseas Vocational Training Association Beijing Office
  • The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur: Bad Boss and Good Boss, Having a Foreign Partner, Insect Catching in Tropical Jungle
  • Rotary Club of Malaysia:W Curve of Culture Shock
  • Institute Aminuddin Baki (Malaysian Education Ministry):Educational Management in Japan
  • Hiroshima Prefectural Government Singapore Office: Welcome "Culture Shock"!
  • アジアビジネスフォーラム(マレーシア): Successful Crosscultural Negotiation for Asian Managers
  • シンガポール日本商工会議所:永遠に繰り返される異文化問題の終息へ向けて
  • World HRD Congress (Global Education Award, Mumbai): Global Leader Development in Four World Regions: Implications for Indian Corporations Going Global.
  • Asia HRD Congress: Managing Cultural Diversity – The Japanese Experience (Bengaluru)
  • Japan Industrial Health & Safety Association Symposium (Tokyo): Workplace Change is In Need of Communication
  • Globalinx (Tokyo): Learn from ASEAN the Wisdom of Crosscultural Management
  • Vietnam-Japan Human Resources Cooperation Center(VJCC-HCMC): Understanding Japanese Business Culture
  • HUTEC Japanese Language Department: An Alternative Way of Life Japanese Language Can Open Up

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