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Research institutes, Universities

Private Companies

  • IT firms: expatriates crosscultural management survey in 4 world regions
  • Electronics firm: collaborative environment survey at a US subsidiary
  • several Asian subsidiaries of Japanese companies: organizational communication research, customer satisfaction survey
  • several companies: multicultural leadership competency survey of expatriates and local managers in 4 world regions
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Examining Diversity & Inclusion From an Asian Perspective

The research supports companies to be more effective in promoting diversity and inclusion in their organisations across Asia, by: exploring how relevant the concepts of diversity and inclusion are in Asia; uncovering key diversity and inclusion dynamics at play in teams in different markets in Asia; and recommending how companies can adopt an approach to diversity and inclusion that resonates locally.

Packed with expert views and local insights on the context for diversity and inclusion and key dynamics in different markets, this research is a must-read for all organisations committed to rolling out an effective diversity and inclusion strategy in Asia.

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Available in English. Please follow this link to purchase the publication.