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1 On 1で指導します。

  • 現地社員や協業相手を動かすコミュニケーション力
  • 現地チームで業務を達成するリーダーシップ
  • 外国人材の定着を高めるエンゲージメント
  • 異文化間の価値観ギャップを突破する英語表現力
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Kawatani Global Seminars

Real x Live x Vivid

Many years have passed since my first training in Singapore/Kuala Lumpur in 1990 for Singapore/Malaysian Institute of Management. Since that time on to date, I have been engaged with various crosscultural management leadership focused training and consulting assignments across five world regions – Asia Pacific, China, Europe, US and Japan.

“Real×Live×Vivid” has been the cornerstone of Kawatani Global Seminar: real emotions of real people, live video presentations of local people participants are going to work with in international assignments, leaving vivid impact in participants.

Features of Kawatani Seminars

  • 1. Keeping Content Fresh Every Time

    Frequent international assignments and Face-to-Face interviews.

  • 2. Overwhelming Liveliness and Practicality

    Video interviews of local people in target cultures and real case studies of expatriates.

  • 3. Linkage Initiatives of Trainings in Japan and International Sites

    Feedback training knowledge at global sites to domestic trainings in Japan including crosscultural PDT (pre-departure training).

Global Interviews

Feel vividly the emotions of local people.

Takashi travels frequently to video-interview local people about local work values, leadership actions needed for expatriates and globalization. Videos are uploaded on YouTube.

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YouTube Channel:

ASEAN Network

Networking with consultants, HR managers, entrepreneurs of ten ASEAN countries. Insights gained are being feedback to his research and ASEAN Crosscultural Management Programs.

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Talks and Media

More Japanese Needed to Speak about Japan

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Japan Spirit @

I have started internet English language show “Japan Spirit” an YouTube. We are spreading the Japanese approach to life to the world. You can watch it once a month on YouTube! Guests who want to get their voice heard about Japanese (business) culture are welcome to contact us regularly!

Research Projects

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Books & e-Learning

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Winning Together at Japanese Companies

Winning Together at Japanese Companies
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English Phrases for Global Negotiating

English Phrases for Global Negotiating

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Working Together
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